One of Pat’s favourite books is “Positioning the Battle for your Mind” by Ries and Trout.  Patrick or Captain Pat as he is known on 5 Plus Television has worked in media and advertising agencies for three decades as well as his own entertainment business and production company in Sydney. 

Pat says:  Whilst at Ogilvy and Mather advertising in Sydney I was the creative on Duracell batteries. Their marketing manager introduced me to his favourite book and suggested I read it.  I haven’t stopped reading and recommending it since. It has become my favourite.

I also lectured in media to the MBA Students at Ramkamheang University in Bangkok. They had books piled high and asked which one I recommended.  I took out this paperback “Positioning the Battle for Your Mind” and introduced it to them.  Many bought it. Months later I had some wonderful feedback from students who loved it because of its simplicity, case studies and valuable knowledge.

The book is written (and updated) by two advertising greats. Jack Ries and Al Trout. And it reminds me how important it is to position our product. Position our company. And position ourselves.

If we are all the same – how can a consumer find you?  Here’s a link to the book for more information.

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