Previously, on-demand delivery companies grew slowly. Then came Covid and the industry has grown like wildfire.

With an estimated one-third of the global population on lockdown, services that deliver groceries, medicines, prepared food, and other essentials have never been in higher demand.

The restaurant industry is facing massive changes because of the coronavirus shutdown. The closure of restaurant dining rooms has been an unprecedented opportunity for delivery providers, giving operators a much-needed source of revenue and quarantined consumers a relatively safe source of food. As diners get used to ordering on-line this business is almost certain to survive on the other side of the crisis.

And not just restaurants. Already retail companies, supermarkets, hardware, bakeries and fresh produce are growing their delivery businesses.  Is there an opportunity in your business to deliver? Or is there a whole new area you could create around this?

If one of your clients is a restaurant or a supplier that is looking for an e-commerce, Order Management solution to keep up with the trend we’d be happy to help.

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