The door of opportunity may be knocking.  And this is why you really should explore online opportunities.

During COVID-19 sales have increased for grocery stores and non-store retailers (mostly online and e-commerce providers).

This crisis has led people to significantly limit physical interactions. Self-imposed social distancing to avoid contagion, together with the strict confinement measures implemented in many countries, have put a large share of traditional brick-and-mortar retail virtually on hold, at least temporarily. 

Shifts towards e-commerce has been observed in several countries, in particular along the food supply chain, including farmers who started using digital technologies to sell their produce directly to consumers or restaurants that switched to providing food or grocery delivery services.

There are opportunities.  People are comfortable ordering online and e-commence is becoming the norm.

Businesses of all sizes need to transition to this in order to survive and thrive. Is your business ready for online and e-commerce yet?

At MYMEDIA we have been doing this well before Covid started. We know how it works. We’re here to help you transition to online.  Our contact details are below.

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