MYMEDIA MYANMAR are pleased to announce the launch of its new MYSPORT APP to give sports fans in Myanmar the opportunity to check out the new way of enjoying Sport news.

Yangon, Myanmar: MYMEDIA MYANMAR, a leading digital media corporation in Myanmar with over 11 million followers on Facebook, today announced the launch of its MYSPORT app. The app will bring together the latest sport news and live scores of different leagues including coverage of the English Premier League.

“Our idea was to give our MYSPORT fans that already consume our sports content on Facebook the opportunity to get live results and latest sport news of different leagues including coverage of the English Premier League straight to their phones. The response and feedback has been overwhelming from both users and potential partners”, said Rene Heumueller, Co-Founder of MYMEDIA MYANMAR

The recently launched MYSPORT App has already over 10.000+ installations and is available as Android version. An Apple iOS Version will be released in early 2020

The MYSPORT APP is available on Google Play Store


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