Great Advertising from around the World – Ireland

Christmas and other special occasions are often a good time to send heart felt messages that also build a brand. In Ireland, Woodies 2020 Christmas advertising sends a very special message. Their TV Commercial has received wide acclaim. And their Youtube and Facebook posts have given them an extra 700,000 views and tens of [...]

Great Advertising from Around the World

This commercial was created thirteen years ago and is still be forwarded on social media. The Shera Ceiling Board in Thailand continues to build because of this and their many other creative advertisements.  Directed by Suthon Petchsuwan at Matching Studio in Thailand.   MYMEDIA is here to help you grow your business. Phone: +95 [...]

Business Book of the Month

One of Pat's favourite books is “Positioning the Battle for your Mind” by Ries and Trout.  Patrick or Captain Pat as he is known on 5 Plus Television has worked in media and advertising agencies for three decades as well as his own entertainment business and production company in Sydney.  Pat says:  Whilst at Ogilvy [...]

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