Networking, Partnerships and Business Acquaintances.

Three plus years ago Rene from MYMEDIA met Captain Pat from 5 Plus Television at the Duwun Food Carnival in People’s Park. They swapped business cards, chatted about this particular event and then talked about their respective journeys in the business world. That is networking. But the key is to follow up – they did. Both Rene and Pat meet every month or so for coffee or dinner. They chat on the phone, share experiences and ideas. Their respective businesses are not connected – but they are.

Over the years they have exchanged ideas, given each other opportunities, recommended staff, made introductions to third parties and also drunk lots of coffee together. This year they are collaborating more and more with social media and free to air television ideas.Their business partnership is sure to keep growing. Television and social media go hand in hand.

Many people who network do it wrong.  All they want is a sale – and right now.  Any relationship takes time to develop. Trust is a key component.

At MYMEDIA we try to meet as many of our customers as possible and in person.  A lot can be achieved speaking face to face and over a cup of coffee.

Success in the digital world does require some real world meetings.

What are the key benefits of a partnership?

The key elements where partnerships can benefit an organisation are, like anything in business, improving the bottom line, whether its financial or otherwise, increasing sales and enhancing reputation. Those benefits can be reaped through:

  • Knowledge sharing; sharing of practises, skillsets and expertise across industry/destination/association.
  • Efficient use of resources; using partners to save time and combine forces reduces and prevents redundant work that you can do by finding a like-minded partner.
  • Brand association; partnering up with an organisation that already has an existing strong brand reputation in either your own market or another market you want to break into is critical.

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